A trip to space!!!

This is a unforgettable trip to space that u will enjoy,with you or your family. On this trip you will see the Moon, Neptune and a Black hole!

This amazing trip will only take 8 hours. We will provide the finest food such as all you can eat buffets and the finest service in space. We do also supply restrooms, bedrooms , many fun activities you can do, lots of games for you to wait in between each attraction. For this amazing experience the price is so low actually the lowest on the planet at only $999.99 per person. We hope you join us on our next blast off.

The Ship

The space ship you will be travelling on is the best you will find. The spaceship has 40000 horse power engine this can take us up to speeds well beyond light but for your safety we don't go that fast. The engines are designed to hold us in space when we enter the front of the black hole so we don't get sucked into the black whole. We do also hold the best safety rating, this it is a 5 has a 5 star safety rating spaceship with 17 drop pods emergency calls back to earth and a full operating hospital. The spaceship is most famous for the glass bottom viewing deck in the center for you to take a look at the amazing stuff our world lives around, a gravitational room so you get a feel of what it i like to be on that planet to feel the gravitational pull of the planet, game rooms with the newest models of Xbox's, Play stations and all other gaming consoles for your children to enjoy. For those who may get a bit motion sickness you have nothing to worry about because while flying through space you can hardly feel where moving but if you do still get sick we have nurses and people to help out on board. If you have any questions during the flight feel free to ask one of our friendly crew they will be happy to help. We hope to see you on our next flight.

Addresses and bookings

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The adventure awaits!

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