I. Housekeeping

  • Reminder: state property utilized during work day is for business purposes only.
  • Secondary employment must be approved before accepting a position with a second job.
  • Referrals continue to be scheduled. The roster will consist of 100 defendants or more.
  • Check portal daily for new policies-if you cannot, view newer policies binder in CA Rich's office to stay up to date.
  • Emergency contact spreadsheet has been updated by all-Great job!
  • Special District/work site photos taken throughout the year can be posted on the DCS face book page. Email photos to Kevin who will then approve/disapprove before sending to Shanta Porter.
  • Employee directory on the portal must be updated with current work location, etc.
  • The word virtual was defined as being away from the assigned office such as a visit to Pathways, SCTC for GED issues, to purchase supplies with PCard, etc.
  • Employees who lose their work photo ID card will need to provide a $5.00 money order to have it replaced.
  • Car & Road safety is a must-pay attention to rules, policies, and regulations or pay the $500 deductible if a state vehicle is damaged.
  • Grievance Form- This form will be an addition to the intake packets and will be available on the google drive once it is ready. Ofc Rich will inform staff of the procedure when the time comes
  • Returning Citizen, Cathy Prather, has been assigned to the DRC as a Forensic Peer Mentoring Specialist. Cathy will advocate for participants, attend staffing, and complete reports for Rosalyn Davis.
  • Keep classrooms clean-get the defendants to help out with pushing chairs in, picking trash up, etc
  • There is a need for a Phase II staffing to occur. More information to come
  • All lights are to be left on during the day and off at the end of the day when CSO's do final walk through the facility.
  • Utilize GPO metal detectors as you see fit or at random. You must inform a CSO prior to taking your group.


  • PARS need to be kept up.
  • Please keep copy of waivers, consents, and petitions in binder located in CA RIch's office-Ofc's make sure copies make it into this binder.
  • SCAN POM waivers instead of faxing them.
  • Probationer payments are 38% up from 35%.
  • Parolee payments-Parolees are to pay restitution in every phase.
  • Bobby Jo informed the DRC that parolees other payments are stopped until phase up to Aftercare.
  • Cross training is coming soon to unite probation with parole and vice versa.
  • Post Training- more information regarding fees and course to take each year to keep certification will be coming soon.
  • Alert Notes will now show those offenders who have been BANISHED from a circuit along with the counties listed.
  • New cases will need to be uploaded into the portal-see CA Rich with questions.
  • New supervision standard beginning 3/1/16: CSO's will be required to scribe all interaction and case activities within 24 hours of the interaction---See Kevin for complete listing of required interactions.


  • Aftercare -turn in phase up paperwork one week in advance prior to phase up.
  • Document all monthly contacts, absences, class attendance, and interactions. Watch for accuracy.
  • Activity roster must be accurate so it matched up with the class rosters-place copies of weekly rosters for each class you facilitate & place them in CA Rich's office.
  • New system of CASE PLANS---1) complete assessment & do not provide copy to defendant 2) GED referral sheet to Susanne 3) give file to Kevin for review 4) Kevin will alert you of any needed changes to case plan 5) When reviewed/edited, file back to Kevin for 2nd review 6) When given the okay from Kevin, drop off file to Susanne AND put case plan in appropriate location.