Me, Myself, and I

Briana Trejo

My life

I was born on Febuary 9th 2003, I lived with my mom and dad for 5 years, then one day they had a huge fight. So they got a divorce. I was living with my mom, my 2 sisters and my brother. She took pretty good care of us until one day, she met a guy named Benjamin Castrano. She would pay more attention to him then her own children. Finally my oldest sister, Melinda couldn't take it, she was 19 when she moved out, she tried taking my other sister, my brother and me, but under law, she couldn't. Eventually my old school noticed we weren't happy, so they called social services and I got adopted by my sister.

My Family

All I love

My consists of my brother my two sisters and my brother-in-law. They are all my family and I really love them, but all of us are all different. For example, my brother and I both like video games, but he likes different kinds of games. Also my two sisters like makeup, but the like different kinds of shades. (I have never used makeup so I don't know what they mean.)

A long time ago

Before I got adopted, I hated life. When I was little, I still lived with my dad and mom. One day me and my dad were bike riding to a store, then that same day we got a puppy! It was amazing, I was never so happy. Though, the best things don't last forever. As we were coming home a black van come rushing into a parking lot and my dad looked worried. When the people in the van got out my dad told me to run behind a store and wait. I did, I was very scared at the time so I didn't know what to do.As I was hiding the puppy was in my jacket, I had to keep it warm. Then a heard arguing, then what horrified me, was a gunshot. I peeked a little, and saw my dad on the floor with a bullet in him. I took my bike, the puppy in the basket and rode home. I later found out my dad used to be in a gang, and I can tell you now, never ever be in a gang, please because it will ruin you're life.
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How I feel now

Even though my life was hard back then, I grew older and now I very happy with my life. I have a great family, great friends. My life is pretty great. I think to the past sometimes, but the past is the past might as well be me now.