science poster

By: kelton gayoso temperate deciduous forest

american bald eagle

They live in the forest because of the food supply and because they build their nest in the trees. They also help the enviroment by eating diffrent types of prey. they are birds of prey

Duckbill platypus

they have venom to make a human or dog die. they eat underwater living creatures like fish, tadpoles, and shrimp. they are also losing their habitats but there is a law agaist fishing or hunting them.

American chipmunk

They eat nuts, bird eggs, and fruit seeds. They can also damage homes by burrowing in the ground. they live up to 3 years and have up to 2 to 5 babies.

european red Squirrel

they eat seeds,nuts, and bird eggs. they burrow in the ground durring winter. they also

Northern arrowwood

they have flowers in the ends of their leaves. the berries are food to the chipmunk. they have spiked leaves to keep the water in.