A powdered spice made from ground Capsicum chili peppers


Paprika is from hungarian in the late 19th century. It is produced in various areas including Hungary, Serbia, Spain and some regions of the United States.
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Botanical Information

Comes from the Capsicum peppers.

Use everything but its stem.

It creates a red, smooth textured powder.

Common Culinary Uses

*Paprika is used in seasoning blends for barbeque, snack foods, goulash, chili, and in the cuisines of India, Morocco, Europe, and the Middle East.

*Works well in a variety of dishes, but is particularly well suited to seafood and chicken.

*Most commonly used in sweet dishes.

*Used mostly as dried.

Health Benefits

*Boosts intake of Vitamin E

*Loaded with carotenoids

*Vitamin A

*Get more iron

Interesting Facts

*In Hungry there are 6 classes of Paprika

*Paprika is a National spice in Hungry with a 200 year history

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Paprika Hummus