What's Kicking with BSC?


To Players and Families,

We are hoping this newsletter finds you doing well and that you have had the opportunity to return to play!

Read on for resources on:

  • Club Updates: Registration and Fall Soccer Program Interest
  • Physical Activity
  • Health and Wellness
  • COVID-19 Resources
  • Community Engagement

BSC Updates

As we return to play, please see the BSC website for up to date information.

  • Pre-practice screening required for all players
  • Club Registration is open! You can register online by going to our website www.bscny.org.
  • We are currently exploring fall soccer programming opportunities for non-academy players. Please complete the survey by August 21st to express your interest.

Physical Activity

Join us for some soccer, exercise, and fun! Join Coach Mike of the US Soccer Foundation for a short video session to work on ball control and talk about the energy we receive from food to stay healthy while at home.

Click on the images below for additional activities to complete at home.

Health and Wellness

Let's remember the importance of consuming healthy food to support healthy, active bodies.

Explore the health and wellness resources below.

COVID-19 Resources

  • Our website has been updated to include a COVID Protocols page. It contains all the information regarding our new policies and procedures. We will continue to update it as we move forward.
  • You will see many of the policies and procedures surrounding the functioning of the club have been modified, and we expect everyone involved will cooperate and follow the guidelines. Failure to do so will mean exclusion from attending future events. Please read through them, as well as the Parent and Player Responsibilities document.
  • The club is required to ask the standard health screening questions. This will be done using our online form and is required before attending EACH practice. You can always find the link on our website on our COVID Protocols page. (Health Screening Form)
  • A COVID-19 Release will be required for each player before they begin practicing. This is also found on our website.

Community Engagement

Resources to help stay connected to our community.

Click on the image below to complete an activity on our community.


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