Kyra Rowell

Body System

When you have depression you have a hopeless feeling and you lose interest in the things you once loved. Depression is caused by a section of your brain called Hippocampus. Their Hippocampus is smaller than normal and the longer the subject has the disease, the smaller the Hippocampus will get. There are 35 million people in the U.S who have depression.

How the Body System Works

The brain sends signals to the Hippocampus. When someone has depression, there are not that many signals sent.

Target Population

    • it is seen in in teen’s and young adult

    • between the ages 14-30

    • both male and female can have depression, but more common in females

    • females do more self harm than males

    • It is very rare in kids but they do get depression ages 3+


  • 19% of teen will get depression before 18.

  • 14.8 million adults have depression.


  • doctors have you fill out paper work answering questions

  • You may get depression from trauma, or if you have 2 short genes, it is most likely that you will develop depression.

Signs and Symptoms

  • drug abuse

  • alcohol

  • suicidal tendencies

  • not enough sleep

  • anxiety attacks

  • feeling lonely

  • mind is cloudy

Treatment for this Disease/Condition

  • face to face therapy

  • medication

  • ultra-brief pulse therapy


  • There is no prognosis for depression because it can last a week, or a year. In the worst case scenario, it can even last your whole life.

  • Some people commit suicide.


Me and many others in my friend group,and my family have depression.