Vans Shoes

Supply Chain and Distribution

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Problems Through 4 Categories of Globalization

Cultural: Many Thai, Indian, and Chinese people are hired to either farming cotton, harvesting latex, vulcanizing rubber, or assembling shoes. These people, who might not have ever had a job, can be hired by these companies. The working conditions that they are in are horrible, and the wages are unlivable. Many of these workers are also treated poorly.

Economical: Since the workers overseas are willing to work for a fraction of the normal wages, and that they will work in bad condition warehouses, Vans moved their warehouses and manufacturing overseas to save money and make more profit. But the people who used to work in the US making those shoes, now have no job.

Environmental: To produce rubber, you need latex, and to get latex you get it out of rubber tress as a milky sap. Seeing as how certain countries like India, Thailand, China, etc. produce tons of latex. This means that many of the rubber trees are either being cut down or their bark is stripped so that the latex comes out.

Technological: If popular celebrities wear a pair of Vans, and post a picture of them on social media, their fans will then want that kind of shoe. Then the demand for the shoes goes up, and the need for resources for the shoes goes up. That means that those resources will be allocated for the shoes instead of something else important.

Potential Solution for Cultural Problem

Money is what matters to almost every company. But Vans is such a giving and thoughtful company, I believe they could change their ways. I propose that Vans moves their assembly a factories back into the United States. Many people in the United States need the jobs. It is a good way to employ newer workers who don't have the education to be hired in a professional field, like high school graduates. Also, it keeps those who are desperate for jobs elsewhere out of harms way, and not being treated poorly and given poor wages.

Products Role and Reasoning

First of all, I did this products because I assumed that it would be the easiest one of my products to find the materials and assembly warehouses. I also just liked the shoes and really wanted to learn more about where something so insignificant, may have a played a significant role in someone else's life. If they get paid for every shoe assembled, this shoe earn somebody their wages. These shoes play an important but forgetful role in my life, without my shoes my feet would hurt, or I would be stepping in something that may be gross or sticky or really damage my feet.