Resources for Educators

Resources for agricultural education teachers

Surfing the Net with Kids

This would be an awesome site for elementary teachers, as well as secondary teachers, as it provides many resources in different topics, different game categories, and technology. This site can also help parents with their children and changing security on computers so children only see what they need to see. To view this website go to

Web 20-21st Century Tools

Need a list of apps to use in your classroom? This is a wiki that list the different apps you can use in your classroom. They are categorized by things likes blogging, creativity, file sharing, etc. They list a ton of apps that are helpful and where to find them. This could be very helpful if you are looking for a way to get your students using technology.

Warren Agriculture

If you are in need of some agriculture activities, other websites, or need to find a career in agriculture be sure to visit Warren Agriculture. This website has many cool features and ideas to use in your in agriculture classroom. You can find many different ideas and activities. There is also a section just for teachers if you need some motivation or new ideas.

Kanas Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom

Need some ideas for you and your students? The Kansas Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom is for both students and teachers. It provides lesson plans for teachers and helps students compete in contest such as willie and the beanstalk. The teachers page also provides workshop ideas and graduate courses. This site is exclusively for Kansas so be sure to check it out.

Cool Tools for Schools

This site is another wiki site that has many different tools. This website again has different categories of tools that teachers can use. There is some overlap from the Web 20-21st Century, but it also provides more apps and tools. Check this out for more information and a guide for tools.

Teaching with the iPad

Did you just get an iPad from your school and not exactly sure how to use it in the classroom? This website teaches you everything you need to know about the iPad. From storage on the iPad to an article of what not to do. This is going to be very helpful in the future for me as a teacher and can't wait to explore it some more!

Creating a Radio Show

Want to do something different with your student? This website lists many different apps you can use with your students to help create a podcast or radio show. Some of these apps include audioboo, bossjock, GoodReader, and SoundCloud. Check it out at

High School Biology Labs

Even though this site is geared towards high school biology, there are many concepts also taught in agriculture. This site had so many different labs you can do in your classroom. Each of these labs has a lesson plan and videos to go along with it. This site is great! It will be one that I refer to over and over again! Be sure to bookmark this page and it can and WILL come in handy!

Playful Learning

This site is more for the younger students, but I think it will be helpful for everyone. If you are needing hands-on activities for your students this site is the place to go. It has everything from hands-on activities to apps you can use on the iPad. It is also broken down in different content areas (how cool).

Virtual Pig Dissection

So this is my favorite site out there right now. Many schools cannot afford to buy dead fetal pigs to dissect as they are quite expensive. So, this website allows you to do a virtual pig dissection. You can see everything you would during a live dissection. It even provides a quiz! Pictures go with everything!

I'm Farming and I Grow It (Parody Song)
I know this video is a huge hit, but it never fails. Even though every student has saw this video, it could be shown over and over. You can also use this video to show your students an example of creativity and have them create own of their own using iMovie or another video creator.
Miller Millermatic MIG Welding Troubleshooting
Having problems with your MIG welder and can't figure out how to fix it? This is a video on how to troubleshoot a MIG welder. This video is very interesting and worth the watch.
How To Fix Any Small Engine Tips
Another how to video of a small engine!
DIY: How to Make a Corsage
So I have been working with floral design lately and thought this video is a must. How many teachers know how to make a corsage? This video is another DIY that could come in very handy one day!
CEV Multimedia: Oral Reasons for Horse Judging DVD Lesson Preview
So you have a student interested in horse judging? Here is a video of how to oral reason for horse judging.
The National FFA Organization provides many podcasts from leadership to The National FFA Convention. Be sure to check this out if you need something for a leadership activity or can't make it to Nation Convention.
Mike Rowe had a podcast called FFA, Farms, Farmers, and Farming. This is a must listen!
This is the podcast for KSRE. There are some many podcast you must listen to and have your students listen to.
Another science podcast, but it can be used in so many ways for agriculture.
Again science, but this time a fun way to have science explained to your students!