The Rapidly Changing Sri Lanka

By: Carlos Zapata

The Country Of Sri Lanka

The country of Sri Lanka consists of a single large island with multiple smaller islands known as the Adam's Bridge. The islands are located in the India ocean and are considered to be tropical islands. This means they have a very temperate climate and the country normally receives about 50 inches of rain per year.

Population Pyramid 1966

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Population Pyramid 2016

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Population Pyramid 2066

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As seen above, the population of the country of Sri Lanka has had a large change in age distribution. These changes could be linked either to the increase in economy, or the change of political stand points in the country. With the growing of the country's economy, widespread healthcare could've helped lower the infant mortality rate. The change in political standings could have given more rights to women, thus giving them the right to chose whether or not to bear a child. This would also mean they would have the right to work and could not find the time to bear or take care of a child.


This country has a very bipolar culture. On one end there is the very traditional side of Sri Lanka. This part of the country is not disturbed and is given to the tribal people of the country. These people live life as their ancestors did thousands of years ago, with a few slight changes of course. On the other hand, there is the more modern side of the country. This is the tourist side of the country and it is filled with luxury homes for tourists or vacationers. This side of the country is built for the purpose of the tourist economy, and so that the people who go there can enjoy their stay.

The country is also home to a variety of different religions. Because of this, conflict has stirred in this country for many reasons. With Buddhists holding majority over the ever popular Hindi in this country, a civil war has broke out. This war has been the main conflict of the country recently, both politically and economically.

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Economy and Politics

Since the start of the civil war, the main priority of the country was ending the war. This 26-year long conflict cost a total of 70,000 lives in soldiers and civilian deaths. although the war has ended, the mistreatment of the Hindi people and the problems that come with that still remains unresolved. The government has done their best to give a limited devolution of powers to the Hindi. Besides the Civil war the countries economy has only had one other obstacle to face, Its lack of natural resources to produce energy. The country has to import all of its oil into its country via oil tankers. While this has been the main source of energy for a while, with the economy rising again hydroelectricity is being invested in.

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