Charles I of England

Personal Life

Birth date: November 19, 1600

Death date: January 30, 1649

Dates of Reign: 1625-1649, England

Charles was the second son of James VI of Scotland and Anne of Denmark. His older brother, Henry, died of typhus when Charles was young, leaving him to rule. Charles married Henrietta Maria of France.


Charles I of England had many achievements. He showed dominance over Parliament. He always made sure that he had the majority of power and that he made all laws and that everyone in England listened to him. Eventually, this led to the Civil War between Parliament and King Charles' forces. Another achievement of Charles involved giving more freedom to the Catholic Church. Although many opposed his views, he did this for his wife who was Catholic. Since Charles despised the Puritans, many of them left to go to the Americas. They founded the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Later on, Charles granted them land and gave them money to start colonies in what would later be New England.

Approach to Governing

Charles I had an unique way of governing England. He didn't like Parliament. Charles wanted to have a divine monarchy so that he would have all the power. One of the policies was the Petition of Right which stated that no matter how much power he had, he wasn't allowed to break the laws. It was signed June 7, 1628. Charles dissolved Parliament several times because they wouldn't listen to him or give him the money he wanted to fight wars. After Parliament was fed up with him, they beheaded Charles ending his reign.