Holidays- Golden Girls Style

How to have fun and make a little spending money this season

Getting Holiday Trunk Shows on The Books

1. Send personalized messages and texts--don't just post to FB.

"Sheila! I only have 4 available slots left for Holiday trunk shows this season and I would love to help you get some free jewelry while sparing all your girlfriends the crazy lines. What do you think? I have Nov. 23 and Dec. 6 open. Let me know."

2. Host your own. As stylists we can have 2 of our own shows per year. So I suggest hosting another one this holiday season and racking up some hostess credits to spend on the new line in January! Then you can use that link for all your posts you do over the holidays--even if they are just online/random purchases.

3. Pop up Shops--Holidays are a great time to set up at the hair salon, barber shop, church and help folks do their holiday shopping. Be sure to print out and post some of the "giftable" images everyone is creating like the one below.


Soooo.....I'm going for STAR again this month. In order to be included in the "pool" for our new family of brands (essentially becoming a share holder for our expansion) we need to hit STAR in either Oct, Nov, or Dec. And since I usually only do trunk shows the beginning of December I thought November made the most sense.

What does that mean?

1) I need our entire group to sell $12,500! That's a lot but we've done it before--when it wasn't even shopping season! I have a lot of shows coming up and I'm already doing well---so I feel good about it but I need the rest of the team on board:)

2) I need you to QUALIFY. If all of you QUALIFIED we'd hit the goal easy! That's just $500 in sales--which you could probably do with a pop-up shop and some online hustling with the images above. ANYONE WHO QUALIFIES WITH BE GIFTED OUR NEW CLOVER INITIAL CHARM:)

3) I need AT LEAST one of you to hit ASSOCIATE STYLIST--which means one of you needs to sponsor a new stylist and you need to sell $1,200 personally--and $3,000 between the two of you. Who's up for the challenge???? Whoever hits Associate First will be gifted the PARIS MARKET TOTE in Cobalt! It's my sample and I never wear it and I'm trying to scale down my display.

4) I'm posting some tips below for sponsoring during the holidays--go for you it! what do you have to lose?

You've booked your Trunk Show--NOW WHAT?

1) Put it in the S&D System and follow all the steps it lists below for each show. Make sure to send the hostess the confirmation email so she knows it's on the books. Ask her for all the emails she can gather so you can add them to the invite.

2) Create a FB event page--add the link to the show, a short intro about it, and make her a hostess. Have her add all her friends. Post every few days about different things--scarves, new charms, holiday items, etc. to build excitement. Post pictures from the trunk show after it closes, remind everyone they can still shop online, and do a final reminder right before the show closes.

3) Use the Free RedStamp App to Create a text-able flyer and text it to your hostess. Tell her to text it with a PERSONAL message to everyone on her list. (they have pre-made SD ones but I usually make my own with my own images--see below). This way they are getting an email, a FB event, and/or a text. I really do recommend using all 3 because people often don't open/see one of the above.

4) HOSTESS COACH--if she's excited your show will do well. Drop off or mail her a package with a couple looks books, some order forms, some minis (I label 10 with her trunk show info and have her pass them out to people she sees), and a Trunk Show Booklet that shows her about her rewards.

5) Create another Redstamp 2 days before that is a "Can't Wait to See You" type and have her send it as a reminder to everyone that hasn't said no.

Post Often During the Holidays

Combos of the Day, Gift Ideas, "Help You Shop" Posts

I have an album called "Stella and Dot Shit You Need" or something like that. I plan on posting daily a pic of my favorite combos I've stolen from Instagram and including the links to some of the images (make sure to link to your own open trunk show, or at least your own website. Do this by making sure you are logged in, going to the item, and clicking one of the "share" buttons below the item. It should generate a link that has your name at the end.)

I will also be posting the giftables ideas below.

Also be sure to target the men on Facebook with messages or posts that say "let me help you pick out something I can guarantee she'll love". Here are also some images you can post and tag them in.

Tips to help you Sponsor

1. Plants seeds-share this image on social media with a post that says something like "want extra cash this holiday season? Want to earn some freebies for yourself? Want to know why I'm loving my new hustle so much? It's more than jewelry, it's a supportive community of women and I know a lot of you could use some support and some money these days." or something like that in your own words.

2. Follow up with any past hostesses that may have had really good shows and just something like--"Want to host another show for the holidays? Or maybe even sign up as stylist and make CASH in addition to your free jewelry?"

2. Reach out to specific people. Send them messages and texts--I know you know people who are underemployed or who are social butterflies or accessory people that would love S&D if they understood the opportunity. SHARE IT WITH THEM.

3. Don't be hesitant about training them. I can help you do that.

4. Don't just sign up anyone to sign someone up. They should (in my opinion) be someone who truly loves jewelry, and women, and has some resources to help get their business going. Think older women too! They are often bored now that their children are grown and they tend to have more time/financial and social resources to put in to a business like this:)