The art of allusion, disuguise, and obligation evasion

What is Bunburying?

Bunburying is an assortment of things. It is a way to escape from a boring office job. It provides a way to create excitement in an otherwise dull and uneventful life. It is a way to carry out multiple lives in the space of one. Plainly said, it is the art of allusion, disguise, and obligation evasion.

Getting Ready to Bunbury

Creating a Persona

The purpose of bunburying is to be a different person. So, of course, you need to make a persona. The persona you make is entirely up to you, although you want to make sure it fits your purpose. If you want to have more excitement, bunbury as a skydiver, or a motorbike racer. If you are looking to rebel against a tight upbringing, bunbury as a metalhead. The opportunities are endless, as long as you have the money, smarts, and dedication to pull off a bunbury.

Creating a Back story

The second half of your persona needs to be your backstory. Your backstory may not seem important, but it can be a great tool for getting out of things, using an allergy, or a religious conflict. It can also be used as a sympathy card if you create a particularly tragic one. You want your backstory to accurately fit the persona you are going to be disguising yourself in. So, for instance, you wouldn't create a backstory about having your family viciously murdered, leaving yourself to be raised by wolves, if your persona was a friendly teacher at the local daycare. Make sure you learn your backstory well, and keep it the same, so you won't get tangled up in your own creation.

Putting An Outfit Together

To complete your bunburying persona, you need to have a set of outfits for it. Again, you want to match them to your persona, so that your whole identity ties together. Someone bunburying as a lumberjack might buy flannel shirts and jeans, while someone who bunburies as a lawyer might purchase suits. It is all up to you, and what you feel your alter-identity would dress like.

The Act of Bunburying

Finding a Niche

The first step of Bunburying itself is finding a place to Bunbury in. This includes the people that you surround yourself with, your frequently visited areas, and your basic stops throughout your daily routine. Keep in mind, you want your Bunburying area as far away as possible in correlation to your normal living space. As for the people you will associate with while Bunburying, you want them to be open and somewhat gullible, so that you can easily explain things away, such as sudden absences and strange, out of place actions.

Planning a Routine

To successfully Bunbury with little to no awkward confrontations, you will need to plan your actions out. You'll need to purchase and follow an agenda that will let you schedule your day by the hour. This will allow you to go fluidly from yourself to your Bunburying persona, and make your actions less risky than they would be otherwise.

Distancing Yourself

When you Bunbury, it's important to maintain an air of distance, whether you are in your normal life or your Bunburying one. It makes it easier to slip away and give excuses without being thought out of your normal persona, and it can add an air of mystery.

Post-Planning and After Affects of Bunburying


Some problems you may encounter while Bunbuying are people you know from a different life recognizing you in public, getting pictures of you put on social media sites and being recognized, and forgetting to change clothes/not adhering to your schedule.


To avoid the problems that may happen during Bunburying you can take a variety of measures. One might tell people "No pictures because it's against my religion," or any other logical thing that prevents pictures. Another way is to make sure that you do absolutely follow the planner you create. One misstep and you could be found out, which wouldn't have very pretty results. Social media should be out of the question for a Bunburier, because the risks are just too great.

Famous Bunburyists