co-ed sports


I agree girls should be able to play on the same team with the boys.

Equal Skill , One Team!

Separated teams help the belief that girl athletes don’t play as well as boys, according to Laura Pappano, coauthor of “Playing With the Boys: Why Separate Is Not Equal.” Pappano says that gender separation makes girl teams feel like they are not as good as boys. She thinks that watching each athlete’s skills and making teams with kids because of skill levels could show the wrong in the belief that boy athletes and teams are better. Giving team membership because of skill levels allows teams to be more competitive and recognizes the athletic skills of players no matter gender.

Trying to Build Confidence? Build it on a Coed Team!!

Coed sports motivate athletes to compete and train together for the benefit of the team. This helps an athlete to take pride in her goals and show confidence in her ability to compete with players who have similar skill levels. Team players can learn from one another,mainly from differences in the ways boys and girls process information. Coaches who teach this spirit of equality and appreciation of players based on individual skills can teach all players to do their best and pull together.