5th Grade

Keefe, Kingsley & Ward

Upcoming Events

February 8th: 4 Opportunity for Science due (optional for Ward's class)

February 12th: Kindergarten Buddies (Please bring in one bag of candy prior to this date)

February 22nd: Yearbook forms are due

February 24th: Six Flags Reading Logs are due

March 1st: Picture Day for new students

March 23rd: D.A.R.E. Graduation

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. As a class, we will be celebrating the holiday on February 12 at the end of the day. Students are not required or expected to bring in a treat. However, if your child would like to celebrate by bringing in valentines, please be sure that there is one for every child (there are 27 students in each of our classes). There is a class roster attached to be sure you don’t miss anyone. We would like to discourage any additional gifts being given or exchanged in order to avoid hurt feelings and exclusivity.

In class, students will decorate a paper bag in order to collect and take home their valentines. If students would like to bring in special paper, hearts, stickers, etc. to decorate with and share with their peers, they are welcome to!

Mrs. Ward's Classlist

Pewaukee Community Fair

Community Day, on Sat., Feb. 20, 10 am-3 pm @ PHS, is offering many new carnival games made by high school students, fabulous prizes, business vendors, face painting by the Asa Clark Art Club, inflatables, cake walk, free arts & crafts by Champions, delicious food vendors, terrific silent auctions and raffles, book fair, and so much more! Free childcare provided by Champions with donation to the Pewaukee Food Pantry

Six Flags

Horizon is participating in an exciting program that encourages our students to read for fun. Read to succeed is a free program sponsored by Six Flags Theme Parks. Every student who completes six hours of recreational reading before the school's deadline (February 24th) is eligible for a free admission ticket valid at one participating Six Flags Theme Park.

Here is a link for more information and reading log sheet.


Many thanks for helping and guiding your child to continue to grow as readers! I am checking every Monday for at home reading minutes. Remember, I am just the enforcer!

As we continue to launch our unit of study: Tackling Complexity - Moving Up Levels of Nonfiction; students have gathered facts on their "student choice" topics. Monday begins our project base activity and the ideas are flowing!

Strategies this week have been vocabulary building, main topic, main idea and supporting ideas. We are also digging into more complex questioning and reading to grow as nonfiction readers. It is a joy watching our readers grow and take ownership for their learning. This is what teaching is all about!


With the strategies and techniques that students have been learning about persuasion thus far, they are writing a short essay on why they deserve/don't deserve a homework pass (using their knowledge of thesis statements, structure, evidence, paragraphing, etc.). Students can use any form of persuasion to convince me, their audience. Research is not required for this assignment, but it is encouraged if they feel it will bolster their argument. This assignment is due one Monday. There is no length requirement - just the structure of an introduction, three body paragraphs - each with a unique reason, and a conclusion paragraph.

Students took their spelling test today (Friday) and will be given Spelling Packet #9 on Monday. It will be due Feb. 11.


This week we wrapped up our lessons on multiplying decimals and estimating products. Next week students will be finishing Unit 4 with an assessment on Wednesday, February 3rd. However, please check the homework page for updates on this date.

We will begin Unit 5, division of multi-digit numbers next week. The first few lessons will be a review from last year. We will be building on their knowledge of long division to learn how to divide decimal numbers.


This week we finished our study of density and moved into changing states of matter. We studied how matter changes states, specifically how liquid turns into gas by the process of evaporation. Next week we will be studying mixtures and solutions and how to separate both.

Students will be wrapping up the Matter Unit on Friday, February 5th. Here is a link to the study guide that students received which will help them prepare for the assessment. Also, if your child would like to go for the 4 opportunity, here is a copy of the guidelines that the students received in class. This project is due Monday, February 8th.

Social Studies

Students in Mrs. Kingsley's class have been unraveling the roles of different people in the New England colonies (i.e. Farmer, land owner, slave, indentured servant, women, Native American, etc.). Understanding each unique role will allow us to have an effective Town Simulation Meeting next week. Dressing up in their character role will not be required, but it will be encouraged.

Keefe: Timelines were awesome and students were working really hard to achieve a 4 on their booklets.

Accelerated Math - Mrs. Quick

This week in math, we zoomed through part of Unit 6, Operations and Word Problems. We focused on equations and parentheses and solving multi-step word problems. The room was abuzz this week with talk of the Stock Market Game which goes LIVE on Monday!! Ask your child which stocks they plan on investing in!
Band Practice Schedule

Please help us out by looking into your student's band schedule. Remind them of the day of the week they have practice and the time. Next week will be the "black week."