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February 2019

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As a Principal and Assistant Principal, I remember planning and conducting these week long Anti-Bullying Campaigns. These Campaigns were focused on educating students, staff, and parents on how to identify bullying and what to do when/if you were being bullied or observed someone being bullied. At the end of that week-long campaign, you know what we discovered? More cases of bullying!

On The Energy Bus, we are not going to ignore bullying and we must continue to plan for these acts of intimidation and harassment, however we should also focus on the behaviors we wish to see in our schools and our communities. I have learned on my journey that you get more of what you focus on so this month as we dive into Principle #6: Love Your Passengers, we would like to invite you and your teams to take part in our 2nd Annual LOVE Your Passengers Campaign!

Each day in the month of February, we will share ways you and your students can show love in your schools and districts modeling what being a certified Energy Bus School is all about!

Please have your teachers download and print their Campaign Package (below) and let's get ready to spread Love and Kindness!

Sending lots of positive energy your way,


From Clifdale Elementary

Want to see what life is like in an Energy Bus school? This sweet note was left on my desk this afternoon. Just imagine a world where young leaders learn the power of taking a moment to share joy, love, and positivity. Our outstanding staff is equipping our Tigers to do just that. My heart is overflowing!
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Love Your Passengers

From Rocky Creek Elementary in SC

World Read Aloud Day

Greetings Energy Bus Passengers!

Join us for World Read Aloud Day as Niki Spears shares Jon Gordon's popular book, The Energy Bus! Niki will invite your students on an enlightening and inspiring ride that will positively impact them at school and home. The Energy Bus for Kids shows children how to overcome negativity and love their passengers!

This is a great way to kick off our month long LOVE YOUR PASSENGERS CAMPAIGN as we share positive energy with others. *More information about our LOVE YOUR PASSENGERS CAMPAIGN coming soon!

You can find Niki's Read-Aloud on YouTube Here:

Sending lots of positive energy your way,

The Energy Bus for Schools Leadership Journey Team

Love Your Passengers Campaign Packet

10 Ways to Transform Negativity Poster

Green Light for Staff