Double Identity

Kennedi Ryan


When Bethany gets to her 13 Birthday her parents start acting odd. Then Bethany gets left with her aunt.Bethany has no clue where her parents are going .People are talking about Elizabeth, Bethany does not know who she is. Then a package to Bethany from her dad shows up. In the package is four birth certificates and some cash. Then a weird man shows up at her front door asking questions and then she starts think and wondering about her past.

Character Analysis

Bethany does not know why her mom is crying . Her parents are taking her some where unusual, some where she has never been. Bethany is unsure because she does not know where she going and who the person that is talking to her dad.

Character changed over time

I think that Bethany over time gets really comfortable being at her Aunts. She was unsure about the person she was staying with but At the end she is really gets to know with her aunt Myrlie.


The setting is mostly at her aunt Myrlie’s house in a small town with land.


If you like mystery books then I would recommend this book because it has a lot of mystery’s in it .An example is when there was a weird box on her porch or when she didn't know or (wondered) who Elizabeth is.

Theme of book

I think that the theme of this book is Bethany is trying to solve a mystery about Elizabeth which she has no clue about.