Herschel Walker

By: Tyler Stayton

Why I selected this individual

He recorded records in high school for football and track. He also kept an A average in school while playing multiple sports. He also has many good values.
Hannah Chalker Interviews Vince Dooley & Herschel Walker

What has this individual accomplished?

Herschel Walker was an amazing athlete who accomplished goals like winning state championships in multiple sports and making it all the way to the NFL.

Some universal values







Why is he a good mentor?

Herschel Walker is a good mentor because while participating in multiple sports he still managed to keep an A average and stay well respected and he is looked up upon. He also has good ethics and character. These are the reasons he is a good mentor.
Herschel Walker was a good citizen and never gave into peer pressure and has shown no matter where you come from or no matter what you have to fight through, you can still achieve your goals and dreams.
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