The Genre Project

by Annelise, Connor, Juliana, Oscar

Realistic Fiction

Realistic Fiction is made up stories that could actually happen. The chances of it happeing depends on what the story is about. Even though it is fiction does not mean there are flying cars that would just be regular fiction. Realistic fiction could be based on a true story but the author changed it to make it a little diffrent, like maybe a book about when the color of your skin mattered.


Adventure is well, adventorous. Thats where a person would travel and risk their lives or be in pysical danger. Adventure will take you in an adventure by reading the book!


Biography is someones life in a book. A detailed story of someone's life is called a biography.


This is the genre where ANYTHING can happen. We're talking anything. There can be flying carpets, wizards, zero gravity! Fasten your seatbelts because fantasy is a rollarcoaster of a genre!


Romance is a lovey dovey story where two subjects fall in love. Romance includes kissing, hugging, and valentines day. So be ready.


This genre is about scary, bloody books. This genre is not about the song thriller. People are usually in grave danger and their lives are close calls.


Humor lightens the mood and makes you laugh. If you in a library don't laugh too hard because people might think you laugh loud.


Memoir is a literately nonfiction genre it is a series of memories that a person writes about

Historical Fiction

Historical fiction is fiction that was placed in a historical time. Something that was put into history that didn't really happen in reality.

Science Fiction

Science fiction is your aliens and zombies but it is also is the genre that some of the most popular books are in.

Audio Biograpy

Audiobiograpy is a biography written by the person in the book. So if Sally was writing an audio biography it would be about Sally.


Mystery is your book where the subject has a problem and solves it.