Georges Dj Drink

By Heidi Edwards in 5/6 Maclean

Chapter 1

One day a DJ named George went into a R.S.L. to play some tunes. "Who is ready to party?" Yelled George. " We do " Said the crowd. All night long George played his Turn Table, Right up until everyone had fell asleep ( Including George ) So when George went home he had a idea. I will make a energy drink to keep me up all night!

So when George got home. He noticed his pet dog Seth had eaten all his food. But George did not care. He just wanted to make his drink.

George went to the fridge " Coke Zero, Rock star, Carrots and Chocolate" "They will be grate" So George got a 10 litre pot and put 500 Mills of water in side it. Then he took one big sip" Not zing enough. More salty items like soap and chips" So George went to the sink and got a bar of old soap. Then to the couch and got a old, stale and salty chip. He added the soap and chip and started to mix it up. It was starting to burn so George put it in a cup and took one big sip.

Georges head started to tingle as he drunk to drink. Just until he started dancing. He had a important gig tomorrow. So he put it in a water bottle. He also made a label that said Georges DJ Drink. When he got to the R.S.L. he took one big slurp and danced all night. But George was so excited he dropped his energy drink on his Turn Table.