First Grade Weekly Updates

January 25-29

Welcome to this week's edition of First Grade Weekly Explorations! Each week, we will share materials to supplement our lessons for the week. The newsletter includes videos and links for all subject areas: ELA, math, Science and Social Studies. As work is completed, make sure to sent pictures to your teacher, through Class Dojo or Schoology.


Student Anthology Volume 4

Lesson 19 pp. 124-153

Journeys Lesson 19 - Anchor Text

Life Then and Now

Journeys Lesson 19 - Paired Selection

Sequence of Events

Sequence of Events


Lessons 4-6

Students who are unable to join the teacher's live meetings should view the following before working on the assigned pages in their module books:

Lesson 4 -

Lesson 5 -

Lesson 6 -

Grandma and Grandpa Count to 120 | Count to 120 | Jack Hartmann

Think Tank Problems

Big picture
Big picture

Inquiry - Where We Are In Place & Time

Central Idea: Life adapts and changes over time as a result of advances in our world.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Family’s roles, responsibilities, and traditions are impacted by their culture.
  • Living things form unique groups.
  • Technology changes with us based on our needs.

Essential Question: How has technology changed the way people communicate?


technology - the use of science to solve problems.

communication - to share information with others.

invention - something that is made for the first time.

transportation - the way people move from place to place.

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