How Gross Are Your Electronics?

Why washing your hands is more important than you think

The Experiment

What were we testing?

How much bacteria is on the surface of the school issued iPads and on the average high schoolers cell phone.


The cell phone is going to have more bacteria on it than the iPad.

Materials Needed

  • Cell phone
  • iPad
  • 1 Nutrient Agar plate
  • 2 Sterile cotton swabs

The Procedure

1) Gather the materials

2) Swab the surface of the phone

3) Swab the surface of iPad

4) Place samples on Agar Plate

5) Allow bacteria to grow

6) Take pictures of samples

so what's the point?

The important lesson to learn from this experiment is that washing your hands thoroughly is very important, because bacteria builds up quickly on the devices we use every day. We took two test subjects who claim that they wash their hands frequently, and the results we found led us to believe that hand washing might be necessary anytime after you would use either of these devices. Just like a toilet seat or a door handle, electronic devices have a surface that collects undetectable bacteria and germs that can make you sick. So, not only is it important for you to wash your hands, but also to carefully clean and disinfect your devices frequently!