Lesson Learned by Earl Sewell

Carolle Adalbert

Lesson Learned

This book is about a 16 year old girl named Keysha whose life is full of drama. Keysha's mom named Justine went to prison for being a con, and during those times, Justine's boyfriend whom is also Keysha's uncle, found Keysha's biological father Jordan. When they told Jordan about Keysha, he was very surprised because Justine never informed him that she had a child by him. So basically, he had no idea she existed. Fortunately, instead of rejecting her and pushing her away, he accepted her into his new family, and got full custody of her. Keysha thought that her life was finally getting better, but she thought wrong! Her boyfriend Wesley had to move out of state, and her mom was released out of jail! As soon as Justine was released from jail, she went to visit Keysha at her father's house. Justine walked into the house demanding that she get visitation rights! She claimed that she missed Keysha and she's worried that they may be miss treating her. That was all a lie! Justine just wanted some money for taking care of Keysha.

Meanwhile, Keysha's half brother Mike was having problems as well. Mike was a wonderful student, and football player, but lately he's been having some resentments against Keysha. He felt like she always gets attention! His mother and father never pay attention to him anymore. Mike felt like if they don't want to pay attention to him, then he can do whatever he want to do, and lately all he could think about was losing his virginity. He got a girlfriend named Sabrina and they promised each other that on his birthday, they would have sex. When Mike's birthday came, Sabrina got scared and decided that they should wait! Mike was angry, therefore he left and broke up with her. Later Mike went out and met this troublesome girl named Toya. He knew she was easy, and would do anything he wanted her to do. Toya was no fool though. She pretended to like Mike, and acted as if she was willing to do anything he wanted, but all she wanted was his money. One day, Mike stole his dad's car, and drove it to where Toya lived, so that he could lose his virginity to her. Instead, Toya stole his father's car! Keysha's mom offered to help him find the car, cause she knows Toya, and she had an idea where the car may be. Once they finally found the car, they also saw the police! The police thought that they had something to do with the stolen car, so they both were arrested. Fortunately they beat their case in court.



Justine: keysha's mom

Jordan: keysha's dad

Mike: keysha's half brther

Wesly: Keysha's boyfriend

Sabrina: Mike's girlfriend

Toya: the car theif.


I recommend this book to anyone who likes reading about drama, and likes problem solving.