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Welcome to DSIL | Engagement Challenge #2

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About the DSIL Engagement Challenge #2

Our fieldwork will be exciting and intense, we have a packed schedule of activities, visits, and learnings. Space and time for reflection, rest, recharge, and generally a change in of activity are in order.

Many of you noted your desire to share with the community during the field immersion. Based on the pre-course survey responses we know we have a lot of great energy and talent to be shared.

How would you like to lead your fellow participants through 30 minutes of decompression? Note that these sessions will be optional and never required.

This could be:

  • a yoga session

  • a jump rope session

  • a meditation time

  • a circuits work-out

  • a jog

  • a zumba session

  • any practice you want to share

  • anything to connect our bodies and spirits

Format: prepare 30 minutes of an activity, and lead your peers through it. Early morning, or late evening. There will be space to make it happen.

Let us know by Friday, October 3!

Email with your idea and which day(s) and time(s) you would like to lead an optional activity. We suggest you review the daily detailed field itineraries that are on your participant site ( and propose a day or two to volunteer.

Additional Considerations

Space in Bangkok

Outdoor Option for Morning Activities

We will be staying within walking distance to 'Lumpini Park' - a large, popular and active green space with jogging paths, a lake and many other spaces to enjoy. If you wanted to lead a running group, a yoga session or any other morning activity suitable for the outdoors, this would be the place!


We will be staying at the Frangipani Living Arts Hotel and Spa. There is a rooftop area with a pool and deck that would would be ideal for low key activities. Alternatively, for runners, walkers and movers in general, there is also a riverfront park area a 20-minute ride away by tuk tuk.