Camp Tnere!!!!!!

Camp was so epic

Zip lining

Zip lining is really fun because of how fast you go. Here I am going through the air on a harness. Beaming past the air. Do you know how I felt, I felt so alive and it was really awesome because I have never been zip lining before. I felt nervous when I looked down but when I went. It was amazing.

Cabin group

My cabin was fun because we did jokes had a lot of entertainment by playing games we made up. For example we did truth or dare. Then we told each other what we did in the period of time when we were doing the activities. Then lights but we spoke for a small period of time and then go to sleep. But everyone woke up once before it was time to get up.

A few of my activity group friends

Camp is going to be really AWESOME!


If you like outdoors this is for sure a place for you.