Mark Twain's Life

By: Alli Kemp


  • Mark Twain was born on November, 30th, 1835
  • He was born in Florida, MO
  • His real name is Samuel Clemens
  • He died on April, 21st, 1910
  • He died in Redding, CT

Early Childhood

  • Mark Twain played short-stop in baseball in 1886
  • He played Hookey and ran around with local boys
  • He played hijnks, mischief, and tomfoolery
  • He dreamed of being a Steam boat pilot
  • In 1857 his Dream Came True


  • When he was 12 he quit school
  • He started working as a typewriter
  • He got and award called the Master of Art Degree from Yale University 1888
  • He got another award from Yale University the honorary Doctor of letters degree in 1901
  • His last education award was from Oxford University the honorary Doctor of letters degree in 1907


  • First he worked as a typewriter
  • Then he became a steam boat pilot
  • Next he became an author
  • Then he started his own publishing company
  • And finally he started giving lectures

Interests/ hobbies

  • He played Baseball
  • He wrote stories
  • He was a steam boat pilot
  • He gave lectures
  • And he did beautiful art


  • Mark Twain was 6th of 7
  • His dad died when Mark Twain was 12
  • He got married to Olivia Langdon Clemens
  • He had a son and daughter
  • His daughter Olivia Susan "Susy" Clemens died August, 18th, 1896