October 14th

News from the 2nd Grade Class

Fire Prevention Month

On Wednesday, a special guest speaker from the Cambria Fire Department came in! She shared with us how important it is to have smoke to detectors and what to do if there is a fire.

Upcoming Halloween Festivities

We will be celebrating Halloween on Wednesday, October 26th. Students may bring their costumes to school and will be able to change in to them later.

The parade route and time will be announced at a later date.

We will be having a party! If you'd like, feel free to send in treats for the party. They're always greatly appreciated! :)


We've continued to talk about strategies they can use during reading to help figure out a tricky word. (A lot of them do this already, but still can use the review.)

We worked on synonyms, commas in lists, and punctuation marks this week as well.


The kids started writing their personal narratives on Monday. I taught them how to start the story with a strong beginning by making sure the readers know what the time and setting is. They were also encouraged to add time words to their writing to show how much time has passed. The kids tried to stretch out their story with as much detail as possible.

They will continue on working on their personal narrative next week.


Math got a little more tricky on Monday by working with 5 minute intervals and duration with hours/minutes.

We had a full review day on Wednesday. I created a study guide that we did in class to go over the types of questions they'd have on the test. I hoped that this would help prepare them for what was to come, but the test was still difficult.

Please check your child's folder to see their graded test.

Social Studies/Science

This week, we learned that sometimes you can't always perform experiments for things that you have questions on. Sometimes, you have to research and discover! They had a ton of questions about how pencils were made, so we researched it and watched a YouTube video.

In social studies, they learned about different kind of landforms and different kinds of bodies of water.

Joseph - Smartest Artist for September

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Spelling Words for Next Week

Please remember to have your child practice these at home.

  • mill
  • tell
  • ice
  • dance
  • city
  • circle
  • police
  • cylinder
  • January
  • February

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Upcoming Dates

  • October 17th - Scholastic Due (If you want it before Halloween)
  • Octoer 25th - Scholastic Due (If time doesn't matter)
  • October 26th - Halloween Parade & Party
  • October 27th & 28th - NO SCHOOL
  • November 10th - Parent/Teacher Conferences (Letters will be sent out)