Chinas industrialization has changed china forever for the worse. Many factory workers are being treated badly, making little money and suffering major health problems. In the center picture it is representing how at some factories sleeping on the job is encouraged. In many factories sleep is not a priority and is not considered, but it is a major part of living a healthy life. Zhan Yongbin a former factory worker and said how, "many of the workers eat lunch so fast, they can get an extra 20 minutes sleep out of their hour lunch break". Showing how many workers don't get enough sleep and take time during break to catch up. On the right it is a picture of a river fully contaminated of waste from printing and dying factories. Not only does it hurt the environment but one worker from Sichuan said "Everyone says that people who work in dyeing and washing have reproductive and fertility problems. My cousin once worked in a dyeing plant. He died of pleurisy." The image on the right shows how orderly their working conditions are and how they have to stand while working and how everything is very strict and repetitive.
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China is described as crowded, unsanitary, unfair and sad. China has over polluted air because of all the factories burning fossil fuels to power the machines. This has increasingly becoming a huge issue in China and is making the air unsanitary for humans to live in. The New York times released an artical saying how, "Pollution has made cancer China's leading cuase of death, the Ministry of Health said. Ambient air pollution alone is blamed for hundreds of thousands of deaths each year." This is a growing problem in China because there is no government regulations of how much factories are allowed to pollute the air. Many are choosing to wear face masks in order to try to reduce the air pollution in their body. China is also very over populated with a growing population, which leads to many crowed cities. These cities are so densely populated that the streets, and subways are crowded it is very difficult to get from one place to another. Working in a factory is very dangerous and life threatening. There was one incident in China where there was a fire in a factory and multiple people got injured and lead to some deaths. The New York Times said that, "Within seven months last year, two explosions at iPad factories, including in Chengdu, killed four people and injured 77." These conditions are very dangerous and should not be happening in a working environment. In China there is no minimum wage so many factory owners take advantage of paying their employees. Many factory workers are putting so much time and effort into their job and is not getting reciprocating in their pay check. Many are leaving their families and traveling far at young ages, but are getting treated unfairly. Also many workers are young and are sacrificing their education to work under ridiculous standards. It is very sad and disturbing to realize that this is their life on a day to day basis at such a young age. Many children do not have a choice to work in a factory or not, they have to do whatever is best for their family. Whatever money they do make is sent home and not for them to spend. Chinas living and working conditions are very harsh, but it is apart of their culture now and is sadly considered normal.
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The British and China industrialization are very similar but in very different time periods. During the British industrialization in the late 1700's they had very poor working conditions, with many injures and a huge urbanization. This beginning stage of the British industrialization is very similar to China at its current state. During the British industrial revolution they used, "local business environment to successful industrial development...rapidly adapted to serve new industries requiring comparable skills." In China there are multiple small companies and some require specific skills which were adapted to in China. Over time during the British industrialization many factory acts were passed to better the working conditions and restrict child labor. I predict that China will do the same thing in the near future. The current conditions in China are so bad that eventually it will become necessary to make a changes just like how they did during the British industrial revolution. I also predict that once the working conditions improve in China they will start to try to improve the environment, by passing restrictions about air pollution. China industrialization is in the beginning stages of the British Industrial revolution but in the future will get better similarly to what happened in Great Britain.


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