Sweden map

This is a map of Sweden.It's in between Norway and Finland and also by the Baltic Sea

Sweden flag

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Midsummers Day

Midsummer's day is also known as St Johns Day in Sweden.They celebrate this holiday on June the 20th.They celebrate on the longest day in summer and called it Midsummer's Eve.

Two Sweden Monuments

One monument is Kalmar Castle which is located in eastern Sweden.It was constructed as a defense against pirates.
The Branting monument the statue was built in honor of Swedish social Democratic Hjalmar Branting sadly the statue was blown up with a bomb and put a whole in the stomach of Hjalmar Branting.

Sweden clothes

Usually Swedish people wear warm clothes.They dress up neat and clean.Swedish people don't like to wear glamorous and new styles.In the picture below people use jackets to keep warm
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Swedish Food

There are plenty of Swedish food like pickled fish,Princess cakes,and cold cuts and many other food

Sweden Holidays

  • One Sweden holiday is Good Friday Procession.Christians mark the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on Good Friday in a series of culminating Easter Sunday
  • Christmas is important to Sweden people because that's when all your family and friends can come over and celebrate.Homes are decorated and to the Sweden people it seems fun.