Marine Biologist

by Montana McClelland

Marine Biologist

Do you enjoy the ocean and the living things in there? Maybe Marine Biology is the job for you! Marine Biologist study the life forms found in the ocean. To do their job they have to visit the ocean a lot. Marine Biologist work with all the living organisms of the ocean, studying what they do and how they live. If you would be amused with studying the living organisms of the ocean you should consider becoming a Marine Biologist!

Salary, Growth, Hiring

A Marine Biologist is paid approximately $59,330, which is above average! A projected job growth for a Marine Biologist is 14% to 20%. Looking into becoming a Marine Biologist? Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institution, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminastration, and Scripps Institute of Oceanography are 3 of many places a Marine Biologist could be hired!

Fun Facts

 A Marine Biologist helps the seafood industry provide consumers with sustainable food choices. A Marine Biologist always works with a living organism from the ocean. Marine biologists study every species found in water, from the smallest plankton to the largest mammal.