How to Publish App on Apple Store?

We all have understanding of how tough it is to launch an app in the app store. But some major mobile apps development services company Vancouver have already done a tremendous job in accomplishing this. You can contact them. Here I am giving 10 major points which you have to check before publishing app in the app store.

All links must be working

While creating app you have to check that links are given properly. The links should be functional which you have given. Give link for contact details and additionally give importance to privacy policy and provide a functional link for it.

Give complete details

Give all the major points needed to review your app in app Review information section of iTunes Connect. Give a valid demo account user name along with the password if some options of your app need signing in.

Don’t upload buggy apps

Bugs are the most irritating part in the app and the Apple app store is very strict about bugs, errors and crashes. You should submit your app for review after making sure that there is no error in the app, and also consider testing your app with multiple iPhone devices to check the bugs.

Keep it Simple

The app should be simple and user friendly and that should be easily understood by the user. Users don’t prefer complex apps, so you have to make your app understandable by everyone. If users are not getting your app, then there is a chance that they will discard your app. Appropriate description and screenshots will convince app reviewers to pass your app.

Quick load time

One more important thing is app loading time must be less. There is a high competition between app developers to develop apps that takes less than 5 minutes to load. App loading time should not cross more than 10 seconds. Apple doesn’t allow the app that take more than 10 seconds to load. It is mandatory to load your app within minimum seconds of time.

Keep UI/UX perfect

Apple gives preference to the apps that are easily used by the customers. The app should be simple and easy to use. It should have proper navigation. Mainly in app test, UI plays an important role in litmus test of an app. It increases the success of the app. So do research on UI and UX and then work on the same.

Don’t submit demo apps

Apple doesn’t accept demo apps, so when you’re submitting the app, be sure that the app is real. Also, if the app is in beta stage, Apple do not accept.

Follow respect Apples Guidelines

Follow all other Apple guidelines, it will be helpful to you to get in to the app store. More than 75% of apps are rejected by the Apple because of not following apple rules and regulations.

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