Segregation in South Africa

Problem or Goal

An apartheid is a segregation of races.

Apartheid means separateness.

It was created in South Africa because the white settlers had all of the power and they thought that they where amazing and that they were the dominate race so they could rule the world.

When & Where

It was created in South Africa. It was in South Africa because it was settled by Europeans and they just wanted to take over everything. So, they moved to South Africa enslaved them, they took a stand, they got freedom, but still the hard ships were not over yet. They were treated like animals they couldn't have the same education, public benches, restrooms, houses, jobs, and so on and so forth.

It began in the 1800's and ended in 1994.

People in the apartheid.

What happened

Key episodes or events

The apartheid let the white South African population flourish (grow).
The rest of the world hated the South Africa apartheid they cut off trade with them and the United Nations declared it a "A crime against humanity".
Black South Africans were forced to carry passes with them. One group decided not to carry their passes and as a result 69 died and 187 were wounded all over a 156 day period.

Resolution or outcome

In 1990 F.W. de Klerk ( the president) began making plans to end the apartheid.

White South Africans still dominate the population in South Africa.

theme/ lesson/ so what?

The apartheid matters because it is racism in the world that didn't happen a long time ago.

We can learn what happens when one mind becomes corrupt and it just spreads in this case it was racism.