I am Antigone's young fiance and son to Creon. I am very loyal, and fun to be around, unlike my father, "the king."

Relationship; engaged

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Me and my loving fiance.

12/6 Antigone

Hey, Haemon I did something and i need you to have my back on it.


Someone just buried my future brother in law, i feel bad for them when my Dad gets his hands on them.


Oh great Gods it was my fiance Antigone who buried the body, time to beg Dad not to kill her.
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When Dad told me to leave Antigone.

12/7 Creon

Kids will be kids, but at one point or another there has to be consequence, sory son.


I hate my Dad, I don't need him, he can have everything back.
Antigone Creon vs. Haemon