PROTSAAHAN - The Backdrop

  1. The idea culminated about two years back when about 60-70 students from John XXIII High School, Agashi's 1998 batch got in touch with each other on Facebook.
  2. Having achieved great things in various walks of life, we thought of giving back to the alma mater as a token of our gratitude, after all, it was the institution that had shaped us into what we are today.
  3. We also realized that education plays a very important role in shaping a nation and the world that we live in. It should ideally be a basic right of every individual and no one should be denied an opportunity to avail of.
  4. After deliberation, it was decided that we will pool in some funds and sponsor education of one child who cannot afford it.
  5. Though the idea had caught on like a fire on rampage in the woods, it soon fizzled out due to no one taking it forward.
  6. We are now taking on from where it was left.
  7. We propose a minimum contribution of INR 1000 from each 98 batch mate who is willing to contribute to this noble cause. You can contribute a higher amount if you wish to.
  8. Contributions can be made in cash by getting it on 27 April 2014; Reunion Day. Details on Reunion can be found in the next section
  9. If you are unable to come, you can email us on rudreshagaskar@gmail.com and we will send you account details on which the amount can be transferred.
  10. The collected money will go in a pool and will constitute a tuition fee scholarship that we shall call "Protsaahan". The beneficiary may be from John XXIII or any other school that may be decided at a later point.
  11. Lets join hands..... Lets do our bit......Lets make a difference !

Reunion - Batch of 1998

Sunday, April 27th, 11am

Yashavant Nagar Rd

Virar, Maharashtra

Lets come and meet each other......Lets go down the memory lane... The second reunion is calling !!!

Dont forget to get the cash for the noble cause....