Native Amazonians

this is about the rain forest !


The rain forest may mean to make more homes and more things to make to sell or keep but that will not last for long! the rain forest is slipping away faster than you can just say (Help the rain forest.) What will happen after there is no trees left ? What can we do ? The rain forest makes you live its not called the lungs of the earth for nothing! If we keep doing this we are going to die or the people in the future. Yes you may not care about them but you should ,But some people these days are very rude and do not think of others all they care about is money and more money! Money is ruining the rain forests life on earth and is ruining ours too. So save the rain forest to stay alive.

rain forest

They want the people to stop cutting down trees because its there home. they had lived there all there life ! Do you really want to take that all away from them? How would you like it if someone just took every thing that means so much to you!! Would you be mad or sad! My guess yes because it yours so help the rain forest and these people to save the rain forest/ there home because they want have there home still and not taking away from them.

They do not want people to cut down the rain forest!

The Native Amazonian want the rain forest to stay because its there home and they need it to live.

you all may wonder/questions !! Why save it now? How can I help I am just a kid!

We need to save the rain forest because it helps us live! You can help by just planting more trees or help pick up trash out side there is lots of things you can do to help so just go on Google and type in ( how to save the world?) and it will tell you!

This was about the Native amazonian