Tech Tips

November 1, 2013

Vocaroo: Voice Recording

Are you a teacher of young children or have students that need to hear verbal directions? You can make a voice recording at and turn your recording into a QR code. You can then save the QR code as an image and insert it in to a document. Students can scan the QR code with their iDevice and listen to your directions. Click here to see how.

Character Scrapbook by Scholastic

This engaging online activity from Scholastic allows students to analyze a character in any book they have read and create a scrapbook that they can print and save.

On one page of their scrapbook, students can create an image of a character of their choice (including animals). On the other side scrapbook students will identify and list important character traits.

Blogging in NEISD

Are you interested in starting a blog? First get an account by submitting a Help Desk ticket. You can join the NEISD Blogging Community on Google Plus. To access the community, log-in to your Google Account and then click here. This community will provide you with great resources and ideas on how to start blogging. Check out this amazing kinder teacher's blog Matt Gomez to see how he is blogging with his Kindergarten Class.

Appy Hour (Book Apps)

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