By: Jaden Escoto


Fantasy is not realistic, fantasy is about fairy tales, folk tales, made up things the not real on this earth.

Realistic Fiction

Realistic Fiction is events that could actually happen in life. Its some events are people, places that can be real

Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction is taking place in the past. The author or created is writing in a certain period of time.

Science Fiction

Science Fiction is a realistic ideas about possible future events, based completely on an acceptable knowledge of the real world, past and present.


Mystery is a type of fiction that is hard to explain, such as detective or a crime scenes. It is often a short film or stories.


Adventure is, where it comes together in to other genres. Examples are Action and Violence, role to defeat the Villain, Heros, Suspense, Villians.


Biography is (non-fiction) its about someone in the real world but WASN'T written by themselves. Its facts about the person they are writing about.


Autobiography is (non-fiction) its about someone in the real world but it was written by themselves. Its facts about themselves.


Memoir is keeping information based on events the writers own opinion. Memoir has been written since ancient times and collections of memories.


Thriller is a book or movie that keeps the reader or veiwer to keep on edge with the suspense and action during the movie or book.


Romance is, LOVE between two other people and avoiding love between two people. its also love at first sight and forbidden love.


Humor is to entertain the reader make them laugh or have them smile or amusing the reader. Humor can be any genre but has to be base off of humor