Columbian Exchange

Positive Or Nagitive by Gavin Robert

Is It Positive Or Nagitive

The Columbian Exchange is where when the tow old and new countries found something they showed the other on and share it to be nice between the two groups

1. Positive thing about the Colombian Exchange is that they trade stuff from the new world and from the old world 2.They share stuff what they get because they find it and maybe the other one needs it then they share it with the other one 3.They share food with the other one because the other group maybe has never seen that one so they grow more of it ant they share it with each other.1 Negative thing about the Columbian exchange is that they have to go to each other countries and this is negative because it takes along time to get to their countries 2. Negative thing about the Columbian exchange if they don't share with each other they might end up fighting 3. Negative thing about the Columbian Exchange it was dangerous

Are you against the Columbian Exchange or with it

The people should vote for the Columbian Exchange because they help each other out and they do not fight and they share what they get and this is why you should vote for it.If i was going against or with i will go whit it because they helped each other