My Digital Dossier

from start to now!

My first digital presence

My first digital presence was before i was even born. When my Mom was pregnant she got an ultrasound and that went into my records
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The Day I was born the hospital made my birth certificate and uploaded it in the system. Also my parents took pictures of me and uploaded them to the internet and emailed them to my relatives and they sent them to their friends and so on. Also my mom posted on Facebook.
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As i got older and had my first few birthdays, Halloweens, Christmas, Easters and so on my parents took pictures and uploaded them. Also when i said my first word and took my first step my parents recorded and sent to family.


At this stage of my life my brother was born. When he was born my parents took pictures of both of us together and said stuff like "big brother" and "our cute kids" and sent them to friends and family. Also at this age I played soccer, hockey and baseball and my teams got team photos that got sent out and posted on the website of that team for everyone to see


At this time i was introduced to the internet at school and went on websites like "raz kids", "friv" and "tvo kids". At this age I also played on my first hockey team the Lorne park ojibwa and each morning i would check the teams standings on the leagues website.


At this time in my life I got school pictures that went into the school website for everyone to see. Then joined the Mississauga terriers who were a rep team so every day i would go on team snap to see our schedule, standings and so on. Also i got my first i pod. When I got my iPod I got mostly games but one game I got called clash of clans I played more then other games and you can interact with friends and people you do not know but i never really used that feature of the game


I frequently use Instagram, email, play games and you tube for fun. Where I also use the internet for research.