Mrs. Reynolds' 3rd Grade Newsletter

Week 28 -29: April 1, 2016

Up Coming Events and Stories

April 1

Ocean Adventure Program 7:50 AM

April 8

Dodd Carnival

Up Coming Stories and Events:

Week 28 - Charlotte's Web novel by E.B. White

Week 29 - Wilbur's Boast in Texas Treasures

Week 30 - Charlotte's Web novel by E.B. White

Week 31 - Unique Animals of the Southwest in Texas Treasures

No tutoring next week!


Week 28 - This week we began reading the novel Charlotte's Web. Students worked with the following words: occupation, runt, embraced, dejected, sedentary, phenomenon, devoted, and hysterics. We worked whole group on prefixes, suffixes, stated and non stated information to draw conclusions and make inferences about the chapters we are reading. In interventions groups we continued to discuss drawing conclusions.

Week 29 - We will Read an excerpt from Charlotte's Web called Wilbur's Boast in our Texas Treasures book- Students will focus on the following vocabulary words: conversation, scrambled, interrupted, boasting, seized, and rebuild. Our main skills will be drawing conclusions, prefixes, themes within fables and fantasy stories. We will also take a short district assessment in reading to see how much students have progressed since our checkpoint in February. Interventions will cover cause and effect skills.

Social Studies

Over the next few weeks we will cover unit 10 on economics. This unit is very important because the information cover with not only be test in social studies, but it will also help students to prepre for the math TEKS on STAAR. The unit will focus on key terms necessary to learn how to budget and make smarty money choices. The vocabulary has been sent home in their Dodd folder and is also on the social studies tab on Shutter-fly. Our unit test will b April 21st. PLEASE continue to look over the terms with you child and don't wait until the last minute to quiz them on their vocabulary. I have attached a site that is very kid friendly. Have fun and talk about the importance of making a budget.