Elvis presley

the king of rock and roll

acting career

The first film he was in was love me tender in 1956. Then in 1960 he recorded the the soundtrack for GI Blues. Then 1961 he record music and acted in Blue Hawaii, Girls,Girls,Girls in 1962 and Viva Las Vegas in 1964.

the start of his career

It all started on his eleventh birthday when his mother gave him his first guitar. Then a few years later he won a talent show in high school. After graduating high school in 1953 he had many jobs pursuing his musical dream.

the music that started it all

His first number 1 hit was Heart Break Hotel, and his first number 1 album was Elvis Presley he also signed a movie contract with paramount pictures all in 1956.When he died he had 18 number 1 hits including Don't Be Cruel, Good Luck Charm, Suspicious Minds.
Elvis Presley - Heartbreak Hotel (Audio)