Viruses, Trojan horse, Spyware


What's Malware in general? Malware it is a big term for scam. There are three different types of Malware Viruses, Trojan Horse, and Spyware. Some of these are obvious others not so much. This is what they are and how to stop them.

What They Are


What is a Viruses? This is a Malware that can copy it's self, and send it to others. How is does this is once it gets into your computer, it goes into your contacts. Thus copying it's self and sending it to your friends. How to stop this, don't click on links in emails! Have viruses software to block you from getting it, fire walls, you can use online scanners.

Trojan Horse

Now do you remember the old Trojan horse from history. Well that's where this one gets it's name. It is a program or game, something you really want to put on your computer, and of course you download it and not think twice. Well if you do that sometimes that will open a backdoor in you computer for a person can come through. That means they can control your computer and send viruses put from your computer. How To prevent this from happening. DON'T DOWNLOAD! Virus protection, read about it before you download.


We all have seen the James Bond movies. Spyware is not like from the movies, not the laser pens, or cool gadgets. More like identify thief, what spyware does is that it allows all you information to be given to the person who owns the virus. How to stop this, fire wall, adjust internet security settings, anti-virus software.