deap sea information

rick loma


you will be travelling through the twilight zone and the midnight zone.
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info about deap sea and things you should bring along.

the midnight zone has no sunlight and is extremly dark and the twilight zone is directly above it.the average temurature is 17.5 degrees celcius and the average pressure is 14.5 pounds.

.scuba gear


what you will see

some animals you will be seeing

  • Frilled sharked
  • Giant spider crab
  • atlantic wolffish pair
  • fang tooth fich

some plants you will see

  • kelp
  • poseidonia
  • seagrass
  • seaweed

All about science

info about currents:

currents can influence the temperature and influence salinity.

characteristics of an ecosystem:

Abiotic factors

  • water,light,radiation,temperature and humidity

Biotic factors:

  • Frilled sharked
  • Giant spider crab
  • Atlantic wolfish pair
  • fang tooth fish

the ocean as a resource and human impact on oceans:

resources consist of - oil, mining, and platnum

human impact on this location:

  • polution
  • fishing
  • mining

one thing we can do to protect this location manage fish stocks and stop poluting.