~ sigh ~ of~decimales~

yahteja strayhorn

sign of decimales

: A decimal is a point that separates whole numbers from the numbers that are numbers like tenths and hundreths which are part of a whole number. Decimals can be placed between numbers to get numbers like this, 1,753.87 which is almost 1,754 but not there yet. Also you can add, subtract, multiply, and divide with decimals. You can add or subtract decimals by alligning the decimals so they are in the same place and then you just add or subtract the numbers and when you have an answer, you would bring the decimal down. When you multiply decimals you don't need to allign the decimals just multiply them. Then when you found the answer you count how many digits are after the decimal with both numbers and thats how many places to the left from the last number is where the decimal goes. Dividing decimals is not easy unless you know how. To divide decimals, you would try to divide normally and ignore the decimal and try to divide. Then when you found your answer, just bring the decimal up to the nswer wherever the decimal is.