Second Grade News You Can Use

August 17-21, 2015

A Note from Mrs. Graham

We have had a wonderful beginning! It has been a pleasure becoming acquainted with your children. They enjoy being with each other, and they seem to enjoy being in second grade.

Our behavior pledge this nine weeks is as follows: "I will demonstrate the love of Christ with respect." As the year continues, we will add other words to our pledge. Respect is our focus this nine weeks. We will be having lessons that help teach this concept. We will also be recognizing students who exemplify respect. This week, Mrs. Brasel told us of some honorable students during our afternoon announcements. I do hope we will want to show respect to our classmates, teachers, principal, other adults, and to ourselves. Most importantly, I hope we learn that being respectful is one way we show that we love Christ.


August 24-Fall Pictures (Form is in Take Home folder today.)

August 28-Back to School Bash and ECLC Football Night

September 7-Labor Day Holiday (NO SCHOOL)


Please follow the link to access some important information from the clinic. It will take you to a google drive menu where there are two documents to be read. Thank you.


Story: John the Baptist and John Baptizes Jesus (Luke 3:1-22 and Mark 1:1-11)

Bible Verse: Mark 1:11

Then a voice came from heaven, You are my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.

We also did this lesson this week, but will continue this week.


Story: My Family and Family Poetry

High Frequency Words: (make flash cards if necessary)

bring, children, comes, do, family, like, make, those, use, with

Target Vocabulary: (use in conversation, add to working vocabulary)

remembered, porch, crown, spend, stuck, visit, cousin, piano

Comprehension Skill: Compare and Contrast and Genre: Informational Text

Comprehension Strategy: Asking Questions

Writing: Friendly Letter

Grammar: Simple Sentences

AR reading goals will be set later today. I will write your child's goal in the planner when he or she is ready to begin working toward reaching the goals. There will be an accuracy goal of 85%. There will be a point goal based on your child's independent reading readiness. There will also be a book level goal which matches your child's ability based on the results of the STAR test we took last week. For most students, a story book needs to be read 3 times before I will allow an AR test to be taken. Students who are already independently reading chapter books only need to read the book one time, but it must be read well. There is time during our Read to Self Center for independent reading which averages to be about 10-12 minutes. Your child will also need to be reading independently at home for at least that amount of time so that they are reading 20-25 minutes a day independently.


List Words: wet, job, hug, rest, spot, mud, left, help, plum, nut, net, hot

Challenge Words: lunch, spend

Review Words: get, not

Phonics: Short Vowel o, u, e and the CVC Syllable Pattern


Concepts we will learn:

Even numbers added together equal an even number. 2+2=4

Place value of ones and tens.

Expanded numbers: 20 + 5= 25

For at home fact practice: Doubles facts to 20. 1+1 through 10+10

Fun ways to practice: Roll a dice and double the number, use Domino doubles and add the sides together, Make flash cards with your favorite markers to use.

Science and Social Studies

Introductions to these subjects are still in progress. In Science, we will talk about tools scientists use. We will also talk about how scientists ask good questions then make predictions (hypothesis) to test to answer those questions.

In Social Studies, we will watch a series of videos from Discovery Education about school manners. These videos focus on being caring, courteous, and careful. All of these concepts coincide with our behavior pledge focus this nine weeks which is respect.