TDD and BDD in Ruby

Over 3 hours of video content, recorded live in class

Sample Video

RSpec Sugar and Advanced Refactoring for Readability


If you are just coming into the Ruby community, you might think "man; everyone here does unit testing and TDD already". But the truth is, that is very far from reality. Most people in Ruby seem to talk the talk, but very few that I've seen actually walk the walk.

Yes, many of them do have tests, but very few do things test driven. It's just very difficult without a guiding hand sometimes. So many developers slack off and write the tests after.

Worst, many developers do not know how to write anything but integration tests. There is lots of good stuff in integration tests, but they can also be very slow for a good feedback cycle.

Unit testing is necessary to learn, and doing things test driven can make you more productive in the long run )I discuss some numbers during the course).


I will teach you from zero how to write your first unit test with RSpec (and why RSpec) , all the way to making you a master of the craft with mock objects, stubs, and how to choose an isolation (mocking) framework.

You will also learn about making a continuous delivery solution and some patterns for getting started with a project on the right path.


Course Goal and Objectives

  • Learn Unit Testing from absolute zero

  • Learn advanced concepts like Mocks, Stubs and Fakes

  • Learn Advanced RSpec techniques

  • Learn Continuous Delivery Techniques

Downloadble Exercises

All student exercise files are included in the course downloads, so you can work alongside the videos.

Day 1: Unit Testing & TDD 101

Day 2: Fakes, Mocks & Stubs

Day 3: Maintainability and Starting Legacy Code

Day 4-5: Continuous Delivery and Acceptance Integration Tests