Sports Nutritionist

Tyler Miller

Occupation and Description

A sports nutritionist works with athletes to help them reach their goals in performance and healthy size and weight. They educate athletes on how and what they should eat. They also create meal plans to help athletes or even teams maximize their potential on the field.

Certification Necessary

  • 2 years experience in nutrition counseling
  • Registered Dietitian
  • Pass CSSD test to become certified for 5 years

Daily Activities

  • Counsel and educate athletes and teams on proper nutrition
  • Make personalized meal plans
  • Work with eating disorder patients to help track eating habits
  • Documents nutrition of team or athlete

Education Necessary

  • Bachelor's Degree in Clinical Nutrition
  • Master's in nutrition or exercise physiology


  • Average Pay: $56,950
  • Low: $35,040
  • High: $79,840

Necessary Skills

  • Good Communication
  • Good presentation and counseling skills
  • Self motivated and able to work independently
  • Knowledge of nutrition and energy needs


  • Most Common: Professional or Collegiate Sports Teams
  • Work set hours
  • Hired Privately by Professional Athletes
  • Hired to talk to school's sports teams to educate on nutrition

Job Outlook

  • Projected to grow 16% in 10 years
  • Much faster than most other occupations
  • Large growth of nutritionists for elderly and obese compared to athletic nutritionist
Michael Robinson (Seattle Seahawks) interviews Shan Stratton (Sports Nutritionist to the Pros)