Ms. Mayer's Class ROCKS!

We make 5th grade FUN!

Smiles indicate that a community is growing!

Like flowers need sunshine, every classroom needs smiles to grow and build trust, respect, and passion for learning. Check out the video we made for a friend as they celebrated 100 days of school and 100 days of learning!

Did you know that we all moved up together?

That's right! We all came to 5th grade from 4th grade (with a few new friends seasoned in to make our class even better)!

To welcome our new friends, Ms. Mayer created a "Year in Review!" Man, we busy like beavers (simile).

Jam Packed with Hands-On Learning!

Some weeks we do so many amazing things, the only way to capture it is in a video! Check this out:


We may have a lot of fun together but learning comes first. I encourage my students to find their passions during #GeniusHour and to understand that they are working to make themselves and their families proud and to make their future so bright... they'll have to wear shades.

We love to collaborate!

We have connected with other classes around the country and world via Twitter, Google, Padlet, KidBlog, and Skype. We love to find new ways to use technology to make our classroom feel like there are no walls! Please contact us anytime and let's make a plan!