The Ladies in the Haunted House

By Kaviana Jurries and Auther: Mary Chase

About the book

The book, The Wicked Wicked Ladies in the Haunted House is about a girl, Maureen and she finds this house that is a haunted house (The Old Messerman House). she find these pictures up on the wall of the house and they were picture of girls that had really weird names, Mauve, Mavis, Constance, Lacrece, Sylvia, Ingrid, and Maude. Maureen went over to a picture and she touched... real silk and she thought they were alive because she turned around for a minute and turned back around the pictures changed the position. Maureen also finds this little man who looks like a Garden Ornament (Garden Gnome.) The Little Old Man "Wants to help her" but he almost got them arrested by the cops.