Stimulating Infant's Brains

Ian Einerson

Keep it Simple

Everyday experiences help the baby build pathways in their neurons. When you combine these everyday things with singing or just talking to the baby it helps them get a rich loving environment.

Match Experiences to Childs Mental Abilities

It is important to give babies learning experiences that will help them thrive. Giving a child an activity that matches their intellectual level helps give the baby the best chance in life.

Practice makes Perfect

The more repetition your baby gets the better its understanding will be. Establishing routines help the baby make associations, which is a key part of a babies development.

Actively Involve the Baby

Provide the babies with the most experiences possible to let it take in the outside world. Children of all ages learn best by doing, so give your baby chances to learn and grow.

Provide Variety but don't Overload

It is important to give your baby new experiences but too many can overwhelm the baby. Give your baby different chances in life, but dont try too hard and overdo it.

Avoid Pushing the Child

As much as you want your baby to succeed in life it is important to not push them too hard. Look for clues as to whether or not the baby enjoys the activity, or doesn't show any interest.